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ISAR’s mission is to make significant contributions to the study and improvement of Rome’s cultural heritage by organizing research, seminars, and publications in the fields of archaeology, history of art, architecture, and Roman studies.

We offer intensive academic programs, including unique field-work opportunities (archaeological excavations, topographical and building surveys, cataloging) and courses (symposia, seminars, lectures, site visits, etc.) in fields such as conservation, ancient and contemporary architecture, and art and archaeology.

ISAR faculty consists of archaeologists, architects, art historians, and conservators from Italy and other nations, with most residing in Rome, Italy. Through an interdisciplinary and dynamic approach coupled with years of cultivating close ties with specialists at leading universities (i.e. in local, regional, and national administrations) ISAR is able to provide exceptional research and study opportunities to its members and participants.

La mission di ISAR è quella di offrire il proprio contributo allo studio ed alla valorizzazione di tale patrimonio attraverso l’organizzazione di ricerche, corsi di formazione, seminari, conferenze, pubblicazioni nel campo dell’archeologia, della storia dell’arte, dell’architettura e della cultura di Roma. Lo staff dell’ISAR è composto da archeologi, architetti, storici dell’arte, restauratori ed operatori tecnici specializzati in Beni Culturali, italiani e stranieri, la maggior parte dei quali stabilmente residenti a Roma. In più, l’ISAR organizza periodicamente incontri e lezioni invitando studiosi di tutto il mondo, professori, funzionari di soprintendenza e membri di istituti stranieri. Grazie ad un approccio multidisciplinare e dinamico, ISAR è in grado di offrire ai propri sostenitori e partecipanti ottime possibilità di formazione e ricerca ed un rete di contatti nel mondo delle istituzioni romane della tutela e della ricerca indispensabile a chi voglia operare in questo campo.

Our Vision

An international organization where research, didactics, exploration, and dissemination meet, ISAR will become a key player in the field of cultural heritage studies and preservation for ancient Rome.  Recognizing the importance of Rome’s ancient heritage for Italy’s capital and for the cultural grounding of the Western world, ISAR will serve as a key advisor in the multidisciplinary discussion surrounding the future of the City’s past.

Rome as an ideal laboratory for sustainable cultural heritage and ISAR is focusing its efforts on promoting this through excavations, surveys, and archiving and conserving cultural sites and artifacts.

ISAR envisions a form of “cultural tourism” that gives back to the places on which it thrives, and aims to bring its participants into contact with local culture in a way that supports and sustains it, offering a singular opportunity for cultural and social growth.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo da vinci


ISAR is currently involved in several exciting projects in and around Rome. Here is the short list; click on the links for further information or go to our dedicated “Projects” page.

  • The Signum Vortumni Project Archaeological Excavation in the Horrea Agrippiana, Roman Forum.
  • Architectural Documentation of the Insula Palatina on the western slopes of the Palatine Hill
  • Borgo Abruzzo Project for the study and revitalization of village of Castelvecchio Calvisio and surrounding countryside in the mountainous Abruzzo region east of Rome


ISAR is dedicated to educating the public about Rome’s cultural heritage. Here is a list of educational programs we are currently offering; click on the links for further information or go to our dedicated “Learning” page.

In the Roman Forum we were using masks before it became common sense.


Help support ISAR in our efforts to promote and preserve Rome’s cultural heritage. Aiutateci a sostenere i beni culturali di Roma!

Participation in ISAR’s Roman Forum Excavation – The Signum Vortumni Project – offers an unprecedented opportunity for donors to associate their brand with (and leave their mark on) Roman history. Not only will your contributions make possible valuable research and educational opportunities for young archaeologists from around the world, they will provide your company and its valued customers a privileged and unique connection to the cradle of western culture, the Palatine Hill. Work with us to unveil the hidden layers of Rome. Get involved in Roman History!

Borgo Abruzzo Project