The “SIGNUM VORTUMNI Project: Under the Palatine” was launched by ISAR in 2016 with an official concession* from the authorities with the aim of unveiling signs of Etruscan cultural and religious influence which gave rise on this site to the birth of Roman civilization. Despite its central location, in the Velabrum, between the Tiber and the Palatine Hill, the area has yet to be thoroughly investigated.

The upcoming season will focus on unveiling evidence of the Republican, Archaic and Regal periods preserved below the imposing visible remains of the Horrea Agrippiana built during the time of Augustus. Findings to date have been promising, but there is still much more to be done and we need your help!

Want to get your hands dirty? The 2020 Field School will run from June 15-July 24, 2020.

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*This project is made possible by concession from Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo, il Museo Nazionale Romano  e l’Area archeologica di Roma.


The project is made possible by our contributors, including Academic Initiatives Abroad, and generous individuals like you. Find out how you too can participate in this exciting project in Rome at our crowdfunding page: Support our excavation!


Signum Vortumni Project Rapporto preliminare sulla prima campagna di scavi negli Horrea Agrippiana (2016)  Dora Cirone – Alessio De Cristofaro – Marzia Di Mento – Tommaso Bertoldi


The press conference detailing the key finds from the 2018 field season, which include the discovery of a Republican period domus, complete with mosaic floor, can be seen by clicking here.

For updates on the 2020 Field School click here.

Photos from the 2019 Season:

Photos from the 2018 Season:

Photos from the 2017 Season: 

Photos and Videos from the 2016 Season:

VIDEO above: Visit to the excavation site by Filippo Coarelli, Fausto Zevi, Clementina Panella, Giuseppe Morganti…il 23 novembre 2016.

VIDEO above: A typical day in the dig.

Actor, Singer Diego Boneta visits our excavation site.