Signum Vortumni Project 2019

Summer Season: 17 June – 26 July, 2019

ISAR is proud to announce our 2019 summer field school season! This year we will be presenting a sequence of lessons, both in the classroom and on-site, to provide students with the basic skills necessary to  discern and document the multiple phases site use present at the Horrea Agrippiana located at the base of the Palatine Hill. Lessons will address the history, topography, and architecture of ancient Rome with the aim of helping students recognize and identify architectural elements and material culture through hands-on training. Further lessons will focus on helping students understand the techniques of stratigraphic investigation, the use of topographic instruments, hand-drawing, and digital record-keeping.

Finally, specific lessons will also focus on ceramic, stone, and other small finds from Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods which may come to light during the excavations. Each of these pedagogic components will combine clear, illustrated instruction by experts in the field with readings, interactive discussions, and practical applications.

For more information on the excavations and past seasons click here!

Located within the confines of the Horrea Agrippiana in the Roman Forum, at the base of the Palatine Hill, the 6-week field school will provide:

  • Classroom lessons and visits to archaeological sites and museums in Rome and Lazio
  • Classroom and field lessons on stratigraphic excavation techniques, artefact identification, archaeological documentation, site mapping, and 3D modelling
  • Hands-on experience at a prestigious excavation site with a respected team of international archaeologists and architects
  • Lodging in central Rome

Project Direction

Dr. Dora Cirone (ISAR):  Project Director

Dr. Alessio De Cristofaro (ISAR): Project Co-Director 

Dr. Matthew Mandich (ISAR): Field School Director 


Field work will be conducted 5-days/week with occasional Fridays off for optional weekend travel.

There will be a week of orientation with visits to sites and museums in Rome as well as several days of classroom instruction prior to starting fieldwork.

Download Field School Brief: click here to download!


Field School Cost:  $4,200.00

Fee covers:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation in shared apartments in central Rome
  • Public transportation within the city of Rome
  • Entry fees for archaeological sites and museums visited during the first week
  • Equipment and safety measures
  • Printed materials
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • Snacks provided on-site from Monday to Friday


Deadline: 1st of March 2019

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to apply – no previous experience necessary!

Please fill out the form below and submit to apply: